Brightest Moon of 2023: How to See the Super Blue Moon in Your Country!

Super Blue Moon 2023 : The Super Blue Moon is coming soon! People are getting ready to watch one of the largest and shiniest moons this year on Wednesday (August 30). Even though it’s called a “Blue Moon,” it isn’t really blue. It’s named this way because it’s the second full moon in one month and because of how close it is to Earth.

You can see the Super Blue Moon 2023 on the night of August 30 and the morning of August 31.

August had lots of amazing things to see in the sky.

The Super Blue Moon will be closer to Earth, only 3,57,344 kilometers away. So, it’ll look bigger than usual.

The “Sky and Telescope” magazine said we see a blue moon about every two and a half years.

Here’s how to see the Super Blue Moon when it happens:

Super Blue Moon 2023: How to See it in India & Everywhere Else.

People who love the moon can see the Super Blue Moon after the sun goes down. It will look the biggest around 8:37 pm EDT on Wednesday (Aug 30), as Quint said.

People in Europe will see the Super Blue Moon a bit later, on Thursday (August 31).

People in London can see it at 8:08 pm BST.

New Yorkers can see it at 7:45 pm EDT and people in Los Angeles at 7:36 pm PDT.

Watch Super Blue Moon 2023 Live: Where to see it in real-time.

You can watch the moon event live online at the Virtual Telescope Project at 3:30 GMT on Thursday (August 31). In India, you can see it live at 9:00 am IST.

NASA says you can also see Saturn in the sky. It will be close to the moon and will seem to move around it in a circle as the evening goes on.

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