How to Start Broom Manufacturing Business 2023

Broom is such a thing that is needed every day in every house. Be it school, bus stand, airport, or any other place, you need a broom everywhere. Whether it is a road or a railway track, you need it everywhere.

I am telling you this because there is a big business hidden in the broom. The name of this business is Broom Manufacturing Business. You can start with just ₹15000 and can comfortably earn up to ₹40000 per month. If you do big business by investing more money then your earning will also be more, so in this blog, we will learn how you can start broom making business.

So before starting the business of broom, it is important to know how many types of brooms are there.

Generally, broom is divided into three types –

Broom Manufacturing business

  1. Fool Broom
  2. Seek Broom
  3. Plastic Broom

That is, you can earn money by making these three types of brooms. If you want to start a broom business then it does not require a huge setup or money and you can start it on a small scale. You can start it with a capital of 15000 to ₹ 20000. For this, what you need in the beginning is only 50 square meters of space from where you can start this business.

Market Research

Friends, to lay the foundation of any success, it is necessary first of all to do market research. When you get the right information about the broom market, it will be easy for you to make and sell your product.

It is not enough just to make a broom, it is also necessary to find a market to sell it. When we go for market research, we will know where we can sell our brooms. When you will start a business, it will be very important for you to understand your market, and at what time the people of your area change the broom.

 If people change the broom quickly and the sales in the market are high, then there are many possibilities for you to start a broom business in that area. This is an indication that the demand for broom is high in the market. If you start making that broom then you can earn more profit.

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Raw Material

If you make Fool broom, then you have to buy a special kind of grass which you will easily get. Flower broom is also cultivated in the village. You can also buy it from farmers or get it from the forest. To make bamboo broom you will need bamboo or can buy from the market or can buy from farmers.

Apart from this, you need a thin iron bar of steel or iron to tie the broom. Then iron wire will be required, you will use it to collect broomsticks and after that, the broom will be ready. After the broom is ready, you will need packaging materials, that is, how you will package and sell the broom, your price depends on it.

How do you make a broom?

You can make a broom in 2 ways. Broom manufacturing can be done in both ways. It takes more time to make a broom by hand, due to which the production is less and the cost is more. You can start making broom with hands in 15000 to 20000. If you make a broom with a machine, then you can make more brooms in less time.

With a machine with a capacity of 2- 5 kilowatts, you can make more brooms in working time. If you buy a 2 to 5 kg wattage machine, you can prepare 500 kg broom material in 8 hours. The price of broom-making machines in the market ranges from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 65000.

If you want to produce plastic broom then your investment is little more but also profit is more. For this, you will have to buy the machine separately. Plastic broom-making machines can make 500 to 600 brooms per hour but at the same time, the cost is high. The cost of this machine ranges from 800000 – 1000000 rupees.

Registration and License

You will need a license in the broom-making business. If you are doing small-scale business then you do not need registration and license.

You will need registration and license for this, if you are doing business on a small scale then you do not need any registration and license. If you do business on a large scale then you will have to get some registrations done and licenses will have to be given.

How to Make a Broom

First of all, the grass used to make broom is cut from the forest or fields, and after that, the grass is dried in the sun. After your grass dries well for the broom, it is cut for you with the help of a cutter machine. Then the moles have to be tied according to the size of the broom. You will need a wire to tie the broom or you can use a plastic cap.

Or you can also tie the broom with a rope. After that when your broom is ready, after that you have to pack, for this, you have to take a long plastic polythene from the market, which will be of good quality. In which you can write your brand name, and after that, you can easily sell your broom in the market. When you prepare the broom with the brand name of your packing, then you will need to sell it in the market.

Where to Sell Broom

You can also open a big broom store yourself. You can also adopt home delivery to sell brooms, this can be a very good option. You can send brooms door to door with the help of your people or with the help of your employees. You can also sell brooms on online platforms, that is, there are many platforms to sell.

If you start this work then it will be very easy for you to find your market, you can type with any big online platform. If you want to do brand marketing for your broom, then social media can prove to be a very helpful tool for you. You can make your brand popular through social media.

How much money is needed to Start Broom making

At a small level, fifteen to twenty thousand rupees will be enough for you. To start making a broom, if you start making a broom by hand without a machine, then you can start work in ten to fifteen thousand and you can earn up to twenty thousand rupees every month.

If you want to make a broom with the help of a machine, then you will need two to three lakh rupees and if you want to make a plastic broom, then for this you will need six lakh rupees to ten lakh rupees.

And you can make other products including plastic broom with only one machine and its cost ranges from three and a half lakh rupees to fifteen lakh rupees. You can start a business, the cost is not very high, and you can start your work with a small amount of money.

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Q. Is Broom-making profitable?

Initiating a broom production business with semi-automatic or fully automatic machines is more profitable and cost-effective than manual production.

Q. How big is the broom market in India?

Ans – Around 20 crore brooms are being sold annually at an average of Rs 60-80 per broom.

Q. Is broom tax-free in India?

Ans – Brooms Are Exempted From GST.

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