The news about Ramya, also known as Divya Spandana’s death, is false

A Tamil news website falsely reported on Wednesday that the Kannada actress and politician, Ramya (also known as Divya Spandana), had passed away from a heart attack.

She is safe in Switzerland. Journalist Chitra Subramaniam shared a photo of them together in Geneva.

Some TV channels shared the website’s false story about Ramya’s death without checking if it was true.


A journalist from Bengaluru confirmed by calling Ramya that she is healthy and okay.

Earlier, X (like the old Twitter) users began spreading the news, which worried Ramya’s fans.

Journalist Chitra Subramaniam tweeted that Ramya will travel to Prague tomorrow and then return to Bangalore.

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Ramya started her film career in 2003 with the movie “Abhi” with Puneeth Rajkumar. She has acted in movies like “Amrithadaare,” “Jothe Jotheyali,” “Mussanje Maatu,” and “Just Math Mathalli.”

Ramya became a member of the Lok Sabha from Mandya and then returned to movies. Her first film from her company, Apple Box studios, is “Uttarakaanda” directed by Rohith Padaki.

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